positive people

10 Ways to Shine Your Light in 2017

  1. Be brilliant - Every day, without fail, brighten someone's day.
  2. The power of positive thinking - Start each day with an encouraging word in the mirror. Say it out loud. It works!
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. Follow them and make them “favorites” on whatever social media you engage with. Filter out the negative ones (you don’t have to “unfriend” them).
  4. Ask, listen, care. Take the time to ask hard questions and listen, really listen, when someone shares a piece of their life with you. The caring will be automatic.
  5. Be generous to those around you, with words of encouragement, praise, and with your time.
  6. Practice humility in all things. Esteem others above yourself.
  7. Live fearless - Capture that front row seat in life. Go for it! Imagine the worst that can happen. It’s usually not so bad. And it’s almost always worth the risk.
  8. Be persistent - If the door won’t open, bang on it loud and long.
  9. Follow the 10 Second Rule which says, “just do the next thing you’re reasonably certain Jesus wants you to do. (And commit to it immediately—in the next 10 seconds—before you change your mind.)” Live it, share it. Make pre-decisions so you’ll be ready to do the right thing.
  10. Pray for others and ask others to pray for you. And never underestimate the power of prayer.