K.S. Moore

I feel I should preface this with an apology because while I love creating pretend characters and the trademark for my novels is likely to be a gripping introductory first-person prologue from my lead, I find describing myself quite tedious. I’m just not all that interesting. So, (big breath) here goes…

An avid lifelong lover of the written word, I read at least a book or two a week, and on a really great vacation, five to seven. When I’m not working, reading or writing, I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors with my family, mostly at our home on a small lake in Southwest Michigan, occasionally visiting a tiny rustic hunting cabin in Colorado and every once in a while, when we’re blessed with means, a Spring break vacation in the Caribbean.

I must admit, I’m very much a newbie at writing. But… as a goal oriented positive thinker and self-learner, I've devoured twenty-some non-fiction books on the craft since deciding to become an author in early 2012. And, as a business operations manager, a big part of my job is written communications: business process documentation, internal and external professional correspondence and of course, the inevitable and incessant email. I have a couple of published magazine articles to my credit and a B.S. from Purdue University where I studied IT, engineering and chemistry.

That’s right, science. Nothing even remotely related to writing or language arts. But oh, this is good. When I was in college, I had a freshman English class where just about every paper I turned in came back with an A- and a comment like, “Did you write this?” or something to that effect. After several of these—and because there was very little red ink elsewhere—I asked what the minus was for. The professor’s only response, after I assured him I wrote it, was to change it to an A. Maybe I should have listened to what he didn’t say.

From my earliest memories I never really knew what I wanted to do. I changed majors five times in college. But after sitting down and writing my first story over the course of the summer of 2012—between a full-time-and-then-some job and two young children—now I know. I want to be an author. That first story will never be published. It has way too many speaker attributions and adverbs. And story structure? What’s that? Now I know better. But it touched my heart and that’s something.

My stories are contemporary character driven tales of normal every-day people and the challenges we all face in real life: love, friendship, parenthood, morality, mortality, compassion and faith. My favorite novels are those that reach down deep, wrap up my whole heart and soul, make me laugh, and cry. And those are the types of stories I want to write. I want to touch people’s lives. I want my reader to feel better, be better, love better, because they read my words and took them to heart. I want to inspire, to comfort and to breathe faith and hope into anyone who may despair that they’re alone in this world.

I really expected it to take more than a couple of tries to get it right, but my beta readers encouraged me to submit my second book, Angel Beneath My Wheels, assuring me it’s a great story and well written. Six months and forty-nine query letters later, I landed an agent who then helped me find a publisher. My first book was released on February 29th, 2016!

If early reviews are any indication, I've accomplished at least some of what I set out to do with Angel Beneath My Wheels. I hope you enjoy it too. If you'd like to receive monthly short stories about real people who touch the lives of others, and announcements of future releases, please join my email list below.

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