love does

Love Does

Have you heard the story of Two Bunk John? It’s a story in Bob Goff’s beautifully written short-story collection called Love Does. Each chapter details an event that shaped Bob’s life, and what a life!

The book has been out for a few years so maybe I'm late to the game but on the off chance you’ve not read it yet, this post is for you.

Love Does is a definite must-read.

The author, Bob Goff, sees the world from a uniquely wholesome perspective, as though God is in every moment, shaping Bob’s world, his decisions and the people around him. Sure, Bob makes choices that align with his Christ-centered philosophy but what’s awe-inspiring is how he applies his faith to every situation, even events that shaped his childhood.

It’s a norm we all could live by.

Through what he thought was a friendly joke, Bob wound up as the Counsel to the Republic of Uganda. And that was just a start. God had much more in store for Bob and Bob heeded the call. He went on to found Restore International, a non-profit now known as Love Does, to “find daring, productive and effective ways to fight the injustices committed against children” in Africa, Iraq, Nepal, Somalia, and India.

In fact, Bob said, “Yes,” often, even when he wasn’t sure, because he trusted the ask was from God.

An accomplished attorney, author, professor and international speaker, Bob lives his faith. Last year he launched the Dream Big Framework, a workshop designed to motivate people to accomplish their biggest dreams and ambitions. “There’s nothing ordinary about Bob’s dynamic approach to life” and he’s sharing his years of experience in transforming big dreams into reality through this latest endeavor.

Oh, and Two Bunk John was a college kid whos plans were to go "off-road" with his life, to follow a path led by faith, not by expectations and predictability.

Yeah, I want to live like that!

Thanks, Bob Goff, for inspiring us with your stories of faith, daring and trust and your example of what it means to lead a Christ-centered life.