It Takes a Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Now that my youngest has turned eighteen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my village.

To my kindhearted neighbors who stopped to buy lemonade or hired my children to mow a lawn, shovel snow, baby-sit, or dogwatch, thank you for teaching my children responsibility, the benefits of hard work and the immeasurable rewards that come from helping others.

To the generous parents of my children’s classmates who read with my children, planned parties, donated, or otherwise helped in the classroom or with sports, thank you for showing my children the value of community service.

To the trustworthy parents of my children’s friends who hosted playdates and sleepovers, helped carpool and chaperone, thank you for demonstrating to my children the diversity of family.

To the selfless volunteers in youth ministry who contributed their time and patience to teach my children about God, thank you. It’s because of you my children are well grounded in their faith, eager and prepared to embark on their life journey to impact their world for Christ.

To my steadfast friends and neighbors who engaged my children in friendly conversations, even when, as shy pre-teens, their body language clearly said, “I’d rather not”, thank you for preparing my children to speak with confidence.

To the competent teachers and administrators who have devoted their lives to the noble task of educating our youth, thank you for training my children to play nice with others while instilling in them a thirst for knowledge.

To my amazing family, for all the love and attention you’ve showered on my children over the years, thank you. It’s because of you they know they will always be loved, no matter what.

And finally, to my wonderful husband, the most incredible father I could ever have imagined, thank you for showing our son what it means to be a man and our daughter what to look for in a future husband.  

Thank you all for the myriad ways you’ve touched the lives of my children. They are such a blessing and they are who they are because of you, our village.

Have you touched anyone lately?