A Gold Star Teacher

Our seventeen-year-old daughter, Rachel, graduating from high school this month, received a letter in the mail recently from her second grade teacher. The teacher congratulated Rachel on her upcoming graduation, included a few nice memories of when she had Rachel in her class, and wished her all the best for the future. She also included an essay Rachel had written while in her class titled, “When I Graduate from High School.”

Reading our child’s writing from the second grade brought tears to our eyes—the innocence, the handwriting, the grammar! She wanted to go to Michigan State because “they are good at football” and help panda bears so they don't get “in stinked.” She planned to do this “by putting males and females together and hoping they have babbies.”

But what touched us most was that this teacher had kept the essay all these years and took the time to find our current address so she could send it.

You are definitely a gold-star teacher, Mrs. Crowell, and you will forever be in our hearts.


Have you touched anyone lately?