Potato Mom

Guest Post by David Sticklen - http://www.blackwaterpond.com

When my mom was still alive I told her that I wanted to tell this story at her funeral and she smiled and shook her head. Modesty prevented her from agreeing that she was so wonderful. But the truth is...she was. 

I was about six or seven years old and was playing with cars in the hallway just beyond a half wall that separated the hallway from the kitchen table. I played there unseen while Mom readied the table for dinner.

I peeked around the corner to see what Mom was up to and saw her pick up a baked potato without an oven mitt—as she was known to do. She was attempting to carry it to the kitchen table before it burned her hand. When it got too hot, she let go and the potato landed on the dirty floor.

I saw this as a golden opportunity! At my young age and sibling rivalry alive and well at our house, I wanted to see who was going to get the potato that fell on the floor? Would it be me or my big sister, Ellen? Who did she like best? As far as Mom knew, no one was watching.

I knew who I would have given the potato to, definitely my bossy older sister.

Without a second thought, Mom picked up the potato and put it on her plate. And suddenly it hit me.

Wow! Of course she gave it to herself. She always put herself last. Even when no one was watching. I respected her so much for that.

As I grew up, I noted time and time again all the ways she put her family first. And it was one hundred percent of the time, without fail, my entire life. In every circumstance, no matter how small the issue, she put herself last.

So later in life when I had a family of my own and life’s potatoes hit the floor, I would always think of Mom, and keep the dirty potato on my plate… even when no one was watching.

Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to put others first. You touched my life!


Have you touched anyone lately?