Cradles of Grace

Some people in this life choose to sit on the sidelines and curse the darkness. Others, like Carol Lubs, choose to light their own little candle. Nine years ago, Carol lit her candle when she began a ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called Cradles of Grace. Now that flame burns brightly as a beacon of hope and goodness in the darkness of teen pregnancy.

The mission of Cradles of Grace is to care for single, pregnant women and young, single moms, encouraging life transformation through the love of Christ. Their focus is to build relationships with single moms, encourage and equip them to choose life, choose Christ and show them what it means to live in Godly community.

Through mentoring and life coaching, they guide the girls to make a decision for life and then help them develop a parenting or adoption plan. They do this by partnering with area churches, equipping them to shepherd single moms.

Some remarkable stats:

4 in 10 American teenage girls will get pregnant at least once before the age of 20, less than half will graduate high school and only 2% will finish college before the age of 30.

100% of the girls helped by Cradles of Grace finish high school and 70% go on to college or some form of higher training.

Considering the national average, those are astounding numbers! Carol and her ministry are making a real difference!

We are living in a fatherless society.

As part of the Cradles of Grace mentoring program, they teach the importance of family and guide the young women toward Godly marriages where a mother and a father raise their children.

If you’d like to start a Cradles of Grace ministry in your local church, Carol has a proven documented operations plan and she or one of her ambassadors would be thrilled to help you get started. For more information, to donate, volunteer or otherwise add your light to the flame of this amazing organization, visit

Thank you, Carol Lubs and team, for touching so many young lives through your ministry. The world is truly blessed by your goodness and unending faith and devotion to God’s work.


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