An inspiring love story about a young driver who lacks direction, a father who shows him the way and a remarkable young woman’s unfaltering love that just may help him win the race of his life.

Beneath his playboy façade, young NASCAR driver Luke Brandt yearns for a family. Rachel Tate, an inventive purity-ring-wearing mechanical engineer, is determined to prove herself in a male dominated industry. When Luke outbids Rachel on the only two muscle cars she could use to test her new vapor-fueled engine, she wants nothing to do with him. But Luke’s gentle ways and down home country charm just might win her over—if his painful past doesn’t lead him to push her away. And if "Big Oil" doesn't end it for them both.

Angel Beneath My Wheels
By K. S. Moore
“Having been married for more than 40 years, and having ministered to late-stage cancer patients for more than 10 years, I had thought that perhaps my heart might have lost its ability to be moved and made emotionally vulnerable. Angel Beneath My Wheels reminded me of the sweetness and innocence of “first love.” My heart was touched by this story and I believe yours will be too.”
— Rev. Dr. Michael Barry, author of A Reason for Hope, A Season for Hope, The Art of Caregiving and The Forgiveness Project


Forgotten Love

(Coming Soon)

Colorado meadow

Forgotten Love is the best of The Vow, Bridges of Madison County, and The Notebook rolled together and set amid the raw splendor of the Rocky Mountain foothills. 

Owner of one of the wildest and loneliest modern-day ranches west of the Rockies, M. Daniel McKennon, “Mac”, made a vow long ago never to fall for another flatlander. But when Samantha Jamison, a Midwest executive seeking a respite from a cheating husband and soul-crushing career, shows up on his mountain, Mac is torn between desire and honor. Thus begins the story of a friendship so deep it brings healing through faith and a love so enduring it may even have the power to turn tragedy into triumph.  

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